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Music Theory Classes

Understand the big-picture of music theory: fill in the gaps in your musical knowledge

Music Theory Classes Like to understand more about the music you play? These classes cover the material of AMEB Musicianship, with added material applying the theory to both classical and contemporary music. Learn the secrets of music, and how to apply them.

Musicianship Classes for Adults
These classes are short, intensive courses, generally two hours a week for eight weeks. Grades 1 to 6 are now available. Classes are held at Susan's studio in Leichhardt.

Classes for Kids
These classes are for small groups of up to 5 students, one hour a week after school. Classes are held in Leichhardt. Students work towards AMEB Musicianship exams in August each year, or online exams. Sight singing and ear training are included in all grades, and history, modes and instruments of the orchestra are included in higher grades.

Occasional Workshops
How Chords Work

"I have learnt so much!! And I understand so much more about music - both listening to music and learning new pieces. Music is very important to me and now, having so much more understanding of the building blocks helps me enjoy it even more. So thank you"
- Judith Parker, a previous student Read more comments by past students

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